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Work From Home (WFH) Causes Neck, Back, Buttock & Legs Pain​

As the new reality of homebound life drags on, makeshift home office that were meant to be temporary have become the places where we spend the bulk of our days. Such habits, coupled with a more sedentary lifestyle could cause our neck, back, buttock (anal region) and legs to hurt.
#WFH we have more flexible time, as we save it from being stuck in the traffic jam, on the way to office or coming back home. As a result, we tend to spend more time sitting. Without realising, we might spend hours in the same position, and that might build up the pressure in our anal region. An embarrassed disease – Haemorrhoid may be on the way.
Stagnant position will affect our blood circulation in the leg as well. If blood does not flow smoothly, it may accumulate at one area which will further build up the pressure within the vein, destroying the veins valves and affecting its function in delivery the blood back to heart. Varicose veins may slowly progress.
Some may have engaged new exercise routines since we have more time at home. Yes, exercise is good for health and can strengthen our immune system, which is essential during this pandemic period. One thing to keep in mind is to pay attention on the proper posture. Doing exercise with the wrong posture can affect our spine health in the long term. Disc herniation or slipped disc is one of the common problems which can caused by wrong posture as high pressure compressing on the disc, causing the disc to bulge out. If disc bulging out at cervical (neck), it will cause pain in arm or hand region; if it occurs at lumbar (lower back), it will cause pain in lower back, buttock, thigh, calf and even toes.
Neck, back, buttock (anal region) and legs pain could happen to us when we least expect it, but you can change that. Identify the “why”, and regain mobility and return to the life you love early.
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