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Blood In The Toilet Bowl: Am I That Serious? Part 1

Blood in stool❓ Bleeding during bowel movements❓
Is it Cancer❓ Is it Haemorrhoids (Piles)❓
The sight of blood in the toilet bowl can be scary, and kept you worrying 😧
These can be early telling signs of a more serious underlying disease. There are many possibilities that can cause rectal bleeding. Colon cancer, haemorrhoids (piles), and anal fissure are amongst the commonest reasons. Do not ignore these early symptoms, be sure to get a proper check up by a professional doctor.
Piles (Haemorrhoids) can also bleed. Bleeding of internal haemorrhoids is normally painless. In severe condition, the entire toilet bowl will be full of blood without sensation of pain. People may get panic when they see this!
If the bleeding is not painful, people may tend to delay the treatment, eventually get used to the bleeding, or just ignore it. Prolonged bleeding can also bring about other problems. If bleeding occurs continuously for 6 months and above, it can lead to chronic anaemia.
Do you agree that the sight of blood in the toilet bowl should be treated seriously?