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Blood In The Toilet Bowl: Am I That Serious? Part 𝟐

Prolonged bleeding during bowel movements can cause anemia. Some people might think that I can take some supplement or vitamins. Some might just leave it alone if the bleeding is not painful, as they can make us feel embarrassed or self-conscious with social taboo.
Rectal bleeding or sight of blood in the toilet bowl is not a small issue to ignore. It is very important to get it checked or screened early to rule out by a professional doctor any possibility of cancer, and not make self-assumption that the bleeding is caused by piles (haemorrhoids).
Besides, prolonged blood loss during bowel movements can cause chronic anemia, and can potentially lead to other more serious health problems such as heart failure.
Get rid of your confusions and frustrations by getting them checked early, it can be a potential life-savers.
Treat the root cause of bleeding during bowel movements, take the next step. ✌🏻