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Microwave Adenomyosis Treatment Malaysia, KL, Johor, Penang, Selangor

Microwave Adenomyosis Treatment Malaysia, KL, Johor, Penang, Selangor

Microwave Adenomyosis Treatment Malaysia, KL, Johor, Penang, Selangor

Microwave Adenomyosis Treatment Malaysia, KL, Johor, Penang, Selangor

Microwave ablation induces Th1-type immune response with activation of ICOS pathway in early-stage breast cancer.

Is Microwave Ablation Breast Lump treatment Expensive?


Background Despite great advances in the treatment of breast cancer, innovative approaches are still needed to reduce metastasis. As a minimally invasive local therapy (not standard therapy for breast cancer), microwave ablation (MWA) has been attempted to treat breast cancer, but the local effect and immune response induced by MWA have seldom been reported.

Methods The clinical study was performed to determine the complete ablation rate of MWA for early-stage breast cancer. Secondary endpoints included safety and antitumor immune response. 35 subjects from this clinical study were enrolled in the current report, and the local effect was determined by pathological examinations or follow-up. To investigate MWA-induced immune response, patients treated with surgery (n=13) were enrolled as control, and blood samples were collected before and after MWA or surgery. The immune cell populations, serum cytokines, secretory immune checkpoint molecules, and T-cell receptor sequencing were analyzed.

Results Of 35 enrolled patients, 32 (91.4%) showed complete ablation. Compared with surgery, MWA induced significantly increased levels of inducible co-stimulator (ICOS)+ activated CD4+ T cells and serum interferon gamma, indicating a shift in the Th1/Th2 balance toward Th1. The activated ICOS pathway was involved in the MWA-induced adaptive immune response. T-cell receptor sequencing revealed MWA of primary tumor activated T lymphocytes expansion and recognized some cancer-specific antigens. Moreover, CD4+ effector memory T-cell response was induced by MWA, and the immune response still existed after surgical resection of the ablated tumor.

Conclusions MWA may not only be a promising local therapy but also a trigger of antitumor immunity for breast cancer, opening new avenues for the treatment of breast cancer. Combinatorial strategy using additional agents which boost MWA-induced immune response could be considered as potential treatment for clinical study for early breast cancer therapy.

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What is Microwave Ablation Breast Lump Treatment?

Microwave ablation (MWA) therapy has been widely used in treating liver tumors, but it has been rarely reported in spinal metastases treatment. Given the long survival period of breast cancer patients and the superficial thoracic anatomic position, treating thoracic metastases with MWA is beneficial and easy. Therefore, this study was designed to assess the feasibility and outcome of MWA performed for patients with breast cancer thoracic metastases. It aimed to assess the safety and short-term efficacy of MWA in patients with breast cancer thoracic metastases.

How Microwave Ablation Breast Lump Helps?

Breast tumor is the most commonly diagnosed tumor in women.

Percutaneous ablation is a minimally invasive method for the treatment of breast guided by using ultrasound (US) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which has intrigued extensive attention as a possible first-line treatment to substitute for breast surgery procedures, such as lumpectomy.

Imaging technologies are crucial to localize the target area and to assess the treatment effect during and after ablation treatment. US is most valuable in providing the location of the electrode within the lesion and in real-time monitoring the ablation.

Breast Lumps

In recent years, several ablation techniques, including radiofrequency ablation (RFA), laser ablation, cryoablation and microwave ablation (MWA) have been evaluated in clinical trials .

Compared with others ablation techniques, MWA is a promising technique because it can preferentially heat and damage high-water-content breast tumors, whereas the lesser degrees of heating lower-water-content fatty and glandular tissues.

Microwave ablation was a safe and efficient method in the treatment of the benign breast tumors.


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Best Microwave Ablation Breast Lump Treatment In Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Pennang Malaysia!

Microwave ablation (MWA) is a minimally-invasive treatment for cancer. MWA uses ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to guide placement of a needle-like probe into a tumor. MWA uses microwaves to heat and destroy the tumor. Doctors use MWA for the same indications as RFA.

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Microwave Ablation Breast Lump Treatment in Malaysia.

Laser ablation therapy is a less invasive alternative to traditional breast cancer operations like lumpectomies. Rather than surgically removing the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue, this procedure uses targeted lasers to precisely destroy small tumors.

Fibroids 子宫肌瘤治疗马来西亚
Microwave Ablation Fibroids Adenomyosis Treatment Malaysia



子宫肌瘤也称为平滑肌瘤 (Uterine Fibroids/leiomyomas/myomas),通常在育龄期间出现在子宫内或周围的非癌性(良性)生长物。它不会增加患上子宫癌的风险,而且几乎不会发恶化成癌性。


子宫腺肌病 (Adenomyosis) 则是子宫肌肉壁中出现子宫内膜组织,并不断向肌肉壁内生长。在每个月经周期中,这些“移位”的组织会继续增厚、破裂和出血。这可能导致子宫增大、经期疼痛且经血过多。

20 %


到 50 岁时,大约 20% 到 80% 的女性都会患有子宫肌瘤。 40 多岁和 50 岁出头的女性最有可能患上子宫肌瘤。 患有肌瘤的女性并不总是出现症状。 对于那些确实有症状的人来说,肌瘤可能很难忍受。 有些人会经历疼痛和大量月经出血。 肌瘤还会对膀胱施加压力,导致尿频,或对直肠施加压力,导致直肠压力。 肌瘤会导致腹部(胃部)扩张,使女性看起来像是怀孕了。

不但如此,肌瘤也会导致大量出血并增加患上贫血的风险。当这个肌瘤增大且阻挡或压着排卵管 (fallopian tube)或是干扰着生殖周期时,这也会使怀孕变得困难。


随着女性年龄的增长,肌瘤变得越来越普遍,尤其是在 30 多岁和 40 多岁绝经后。 绝经后肌瘤通常会减少。
如果您的家庭成员患有肌瘤,您更有可能患上肌瘤。 如果一位女性的母亲患有子宫肌瘤,她自己患上子宫肌瘤的风险会增加三倍。
食用大量红肉(如牛肉)和火腿与肌瘤风险增加有关。 吃大量绿色蔬菜的女性似乎不太可能患上子宫肌瘤。
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微波针消融 (Microwave Needle Ablation)

  • 无需切割和去除任何组织
  • 可当天回家
  • 快速康复及恢复正常的日常活动
mwa treatment


相同的微波针消融科技自 2012 年起已出现在马来西亚的医疗设备,被介入放射科医生 (Interventional Radiologists) 广泛用于治疗肝、肺、肾、肾上腺、脾、骨和其他实体癌肿瘤(恶性肿瘤),作为微创癌症疗法


微波针消融利用电磁波产生组织加热效应。 极性分子的振荡产生摩擦加热,最终在肿瘤内产生组织凝固性坏死。 这个治疗通过微波热能来破坏和根除非癌性子宫肌瘤和腺肌病。

微波针消融将会产生一系列的生理变化,如肿瘤细胞脱水、细胞内蛋白质变性和凝固,从而停止肿瘤细胞不受控制的制造脱氧核糖核酸 (DNA) 和蛋白质。微波消融还破坏了附在肿瘤的血管,导致肿瘤细胞在没有血液供应的情况下坏死。 治疗后的肿瘤会随着时间被身体的免疫系统吸收,不需要切除任何组织


微波针消融治疗子宫肌瘤和腺肌病,无需切割和切除子宫。 可以通过腹部、阴道或腹腔镜方法进行治疗。

Microwave Adenomyosis Treatment Malaysia, KL, Johor, Penang, Selangor

微波针消融 腹部 疗法

Microwave Ablation Fibroid Treatment Malaysia


Microwave Ablation Fibroid Treatment Malaysia

微波能量均匀地产生并杀死肌瘤内的组织。 一个直径10cm的肌瘤可以在15分钟内完全治愈。治疗后的肌瘤会死坏、缩小并被我们身体的免疫系统吸收。

Microwave Ablation Fibroid Treatment Malaysia

无开放性伤口无需任何缝线,且不会留下疤痕。 可完整地保留子宫原有的结构和功能。





微波针消融是一项无需开刀和切除子宫任何组织的微创治疗。 有利于拥有强烈保护及保留子宫欲望的女性。


  • 只需一根微小的消融针 (1.6mm) 导入至目标肌瘤
  • 几乎无痛
  • 保留子宫结构和功能
  • 美观效果极佳,不会留下任何疤痕


  • 10cm 大小的肌瘤,一般只需要 15 分钟左右可完成整个消融治疗
  • 可当天回家或只需住院一晚
  • 治疗后症状明显缓解,且消融后的肌瘤会被身体免疫系统吸收,不会留在体内
  • 快速康复和恢复正常的日常活动









可进行局部麻醉 (Local Anaesthesia)

Minimally Invasive


Fast recovery

Day-care or short hospitalization

High satisfaction with low recurrence rate

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