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A range of Laser solutions for disease treatment

A Series of Laser Treatment

Get rid of your problems with Laser Treatment, the minimally invasive option to treat your disease

√ Almost Painless

√ No Cutting

√ No Open Wound

√ Short Procedure Time, Fast Recovery

√ Low Complications

Haemorrhoids (Piles)

𝐗 Blood in stool
𝐗 Swelling or painful lumps around the anus
𝐗 Itchy anal region

Varicose Veins

𝐗 Varicose, spider vein appearance
𝐗 Leg ulcer or open sore
𝐗 Heavy leg, numb or swollen leg
𝐗 Darken, dry of scaling skin

Malaysia Piles Buasir Treatment
Anal Fistula

𝐗 Pus discharged from the anus
𝐗 Swelling or pain around the anus
𝐗 Itchy anal region

Spine - Herniated Disc/Slipped Disc

𝐗 Back pain or leg pain
𝐗 Leg Numbness or tingling
𝐗 Leg muscle cramps

Microwave Ablation Breast Treatment
Scarless Breast Surgery Malaysia
Benign Breast Lumps (Tumours)

✅ Scarless surgery
✅ No cutting & tissue removal
✅ Maintain breast structure & function
✅ Retain your natural beauty & confidence

Microwave Adenomyosis Treatment Malaysia, KL, Johor, Penang, Selangor
Fibroids & Adenomyosis

✅ Tiny incision, no scarring
✅ No cutting & tissue removal
✅ Fast recovery
✅ Go home on the same day

Minimally Invasive


Fast recovery

Day-care or short hospitalization

High satisfaction with low recurrence rate

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