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4大痔疮治疗的讲解和对比 | 雷射痔疮治疗马来西亚 | 橡皮筋结扎法 | 传统开刀痔疮切除术 – Dr. Lee Ching Hong

The Doctor’s and Patients’ Perspective: A Journey with Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment (Real Haemorrhoids Patients’ Stories)

有痔疮怎么办?别恐慌,一起轻松治疗痔疮!Don’t Panic When You Have Haemorrhoids, Minimally Invasive Surgery Can Help – Dr. Ng Sze How

大便出血是痔疮还是大肠癌?如何分辨呢?Blood in Stool: Haemorrhoid (Piles) or Colon Cancer? Find Out The Differences.

Kisah Seorang Pesakit Buasir Mendapatkan Rawatan Dengan Laser — ft. Pakar Bedah Am

Jangan Malu Rawat Buasir! Teknologi moden & kurang menyakitkan – Webinar dengan Doktor Pakar AM

Hemorrhoid: Is Surgery Treatment Necessary – Dr. Ragu Ramasamy

Laser Varicose Veins Treatment — Dato’ Dr. Ho Teik Kok

Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment — Dato’ Dr. Ho Teik Kok

激光镭射痔疮手术知多点 (Laser Piles Treatment) – Dr Ang Leng Peow

激光镭射静脉曲张手术知多点 (Laser Varicose Treatment) – Dr Ang Leng Peow

Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment — Dr. Ang Leng Peow

Laser Varicose Veins Treatment — Dr. Ang Leng Peow

About Haemorrhoids & Minimally Invasive Laser Therapy from Germany

Rawatan Buasir secara Laser 


Minimally Invasive


Fast recovery

Day-care or short hospitalization

High satisfaction with low recurrence rate

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