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患上痔疮还是肛瘘 (老鼠打洞)呢?


Suffering from Hemorrhoid or Anal Fistula?

The majority of patients are concerned about seeking treatment for anal fistula and hemorrhoids. They bear it because they worry that it will require a long hospital stay and require time off work. Do not worry! Both problems can now be effectively and painlessly treated in Malaysia due to a state-of-the-art laser procedure. There is no need for surgery, there are no incisions or wounds, the treatment is quick, and recovery and return to work are both fast.


很多病人都习惯性地把大便出血这个症状视为痔疮引发,但是其实这个出血也有可能由其他的因素如肛裂 (anal fissure) 或是更加严重的大肠疾病如息肉 (polyps)、大肠癌 (Colon cancer) 等而导致的。那么大便出血了,怎么办呢?